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Authentic Thai Lunch Awaits at Brooklyn’s Rua Thai
October 13, 2023, 6:25.38 pm ET


Photos: Michael Tulipan

Inspired by the famed floating markets of Thailand, the recently opened Rua Thai in Brooklyn’s Cobble Hill brings a playful touch to authentic Thai cooking. Chef/Owner Kornpon Theeraumpornkul’s just-launched lunch special (11:30am to 3:30pm) is a fantastic deal that allows guests to not only enjoy an authentic Thai meal (appetizer, main course and a salad) for only $13.95 – $16.95 but also to customize their menu by with a number of mix-and-match ingredients and preparations.

Start with choice of appetizer - chicken and shrimp dumplings, spring rolls, fried tofu with chili sauce and peanuts, or Cheesy Crab Rangoon. The add one of their signatures, guests then pick a protein (chicken, various seafood options, pork, beef vegetables or plant based) and match that choice with either noodles, fried rice, curry or a wok dish.

Other options include popular dishes like Pad Thai or Pad See Yu noodles, along authentic Mee Ko Rad thin rice vermicelli with coconut, tamarind, scallions, bean sprouts and egg; Basil Fried Rice with basil, long hot peppers, onions, fried egg; Massaman Curry with peanuts, onions, and potatoes; Spicy Basil Sauce with string beans, long hot peppers, garlic, chili and basil, and many more. Each entrée also comes with a salad.

Rua Thai is located at 204 Smith Street in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn NY. For more information visit