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BLOOM Arrives at Rock Center
June 10, 2024, 6:33.39 pm ET


Photos: Marissa Alper

Rockefeller Center’s hidden past is coming to life at HERO, it's new immersive experimental space. BLOOM: The Secret Wonders of New York’s Forgotten Eden invites guests to experience a remarkable journey inspired by nature. It tells the story of America's first botanic garden—The Elgin Garden dating back to the early 1800s— which was situated where Rockefeller Center stands today.

The BLOOM experience features a variety of activities and immersive storytelling, making it an ideal destination not only for families, but also for couples, individuals, and groups to explore. In addition to the exhibit, BLOOM will host weekly events including a themed concert series featuring the CHANDON Garden Spritz, floral workshops, yoga and meditation classes, and kids programming. For more information and tickets click here. Cititour readers who use the BLOOMCITI code will receive 20 percent off the experience!