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Beat the Summer Heat with Cold Noodles
July 9, 2024, 7:32.57 am ET


Photo: Michael Tulipan

Hot summer days call for cold noodles, especially the chewy, bouncy udon noodles from newcomer Sanuki Udon in Greenwich Village. Their signature housemade noodles — the dough is made with premium wheat flour from Japan and rests for a minimum of 12 hours — are now served in a variety of chilled dishes perfect for the summer, plus the colder temperature means the noodles maintain their springy texture longer.

Guests can fully appreciate the expertly crafted noodles in the simple, classic Zaru Udon, chilled noodles served on a traditional woven bamboo zaru plate, topped with a little shredded nori seaweed and accompanied by a lemon wedge along with the flavor-packed housemade dipping sauce of mirin and soy sauce that is fermented in-house for almost two weeks. The cold Sesame Chicken Udon with shredded chicken, sesame sauce and vibrant pickled ginger is another great hot weather option, as is the cold Chicken Karaage Salad Udon, an unexpected combination of crispy fried chicken pieces and super creamy egg salad to mix with the noodles. It’s like a summer picnic in a bowl!

What makes Sanuki Udon’s noodles extra special are the premium ingredients, proprietary recipe and long resting process. Japanese flour and the restaurant’s pure water (thanks to a sophisticated reverse osmosis filtration system) ensure a springy texture, so of course the noodles are also delicious in over a dozen hot udon dishes any time of year. Sanuki Udon also offers 20 tempura options, including mochi stick dusted in nori powder, chrysanthemum leaves, Japanese squash, shrimp, and more.