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Beer Witch in Brooklyn is Far from Witch’s Brew
May 3, 2024, 6:40.55 pm ET


Photo: Beer Witch

Beer Witch is a small, boutique craft beer bar and bottle shop in Park Slope, Brooklyn. They opened in the middle of lockdown offering bottle service to patrons but have since opened their doors to all and have been serving the Park Slope community for three years.

From traditional beer styles and a strong lager program (with three Czech Lukr faucets), to a cellar full of specialty Belgian bottles (Boon, Tilquin, Cantillon, 3 Fonteinen, etc.), they welcome beer nerds and novices who are excited to taste different and unique beer styles.

What's with the name Beer Witch? In a nutshell, witches (or alewives), were women who brewed ale for sale back in Midevil England and were considered wise women. It was this history of women being leaders in the beer industry that inspired Christa Sobier to open Beer Witch, reviving the role of the neighborhood witch, serving beer wisdom along with local and imported craft beer!