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Black Tap launches DIY CrazyShakes
August 11, 2020, 6:53.49 pm ET

Photo: Black Tap

Now you can build your own over-the-top CrazyShakes at home. Black Tap kits are now being offered. Two shake flavors will be available at the launch – The Brooklyn Blackout and The Cake Shake; each kit comes with two shakes and customers can select their flavors. The kits will have all the fixings for the shakes including the milkshake base, the milkshake cup with a pre-rolled candy-coated rim and the toppings for each shake; The Brooklyn Blackout toppings include brownies, chocolate chips, and chocolate sauce; The Cake Shake toppings include a slice of confetti cake, a cherry and rainbow sprinkles for the Cake Shake.. The launch marks the first time the CrazyShake has ever been available for delivery; given the shakes towering size, it’s naturally been a challenge to the deliver the shakes, but Black Tap knew they had to figure out a way to get their famous shakes in fans hands while dining in is not an option

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