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Brooklyn’s Nuthut Delights With Its Assorted Sweets, Nuts and Seeds
March 21, 2022, 10:17.05 am ET



Walking into Nuthut, a family run business in Bay Bridge, Brooklyn, is a sight to behold. There is a wide array of nuts and seeds on display ranging from several types of roasted pistachios and hazelnuts to pumpkin seeds and more. Visitors will also find locum, or “Turkish Candy,” a sweet gel made with nuts in unique combinations like sour cherry pistachio, pomegranate pistachio, and raspberry hazelnut. The shop is also roasting its own coffee for sale as whole beans or freshly grounded to order. Gift tins of baklava and other sweets are available including an entire wall devoted to candies ranging from sugar coated chickpeas and almonds to gummy sharks.

Nuthut is located at 6920 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY (718) 333-5052