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July 24, 2021, 10:08.39 am ET


Dominique Ansel Workshop opens in Flatiron
Photos: Evan Sung

James Beard Award-winning pastry chef Dominique Ansel is going back to his roots with a small croissant counter inside his production kitchens in Flatiron to pay tribute to the classic French croissant and other flaky pastries reimagined.

Dominique Ansel Workshop opens in Flatiron

Dominique Ansel Workshop is a true celebration of croissants, from classic croissants (made with French Beurre d'Isigny and Les Grands Moulins de Paris flour) to olive oil croissants (with cold-pressed olive oil in the butter block during lamination, with a hint of rosemary and confit garlic), multigrain, pain au chocolat, almond, and more. Plus, French classics reimagined - like a Brioche Bressane (a traditional pastry from the Bresse region) with crème fraiche, orange blossom water, star anise, and crunchy pearl sugar; and a Huckleberry Riz au Lait Cube with laminated brioche, huckleberry jam, and vanilla arborio rice pudding.

Chef Dominique Ansel
Chef Dominique Ansel

"The focus of the new shop is on croissants,” says Dominique. “And more specifically that beautiful process of lamination where layers of butter go between dough and give you this beautiful flakiness. For me, that's the ultimate treat.”

Dominique Ansel Workshop opens in Flatiron

Visitors will discover an array of croissants and pastries for any time of day, including Pain Au Chocolat, Almond Croissant and Ham & Cheese, as well as a Honey Crisp Apple Rosette, Hazelnut Praline Coffee Triangle and Honey-Roasted Peach Danish. Chef Dominique says prepare to get messy, “When you bite into a well-made croissant, there will be crumbs everywhere. There’s no way to hide the evidence.”

Dominique Ansel Workshop, Honey-Roasted Peach Danish
Honey-Roasted Peach Danish

Dominique Ansel Workshop is located at 17 East 27th Street (between 5th Avenue & Madison Avenue), New York, NY (212) 901-1015. The workshop is open Monday-Friday 8AM-4PM, Saturday-Sunday 8AM-6PM for takeaway only. A few outdoor tables are available.

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