Carnegie Diner and Pizza & Shakes to Offer Doughnut Sandwiches

June 1, 2022, 5:21.55 pm ET  

Carnegie Diner, Doughnut Sandwiches
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Carnegie Diner & Cafe (West 57th Street and 7th Avenue) and Pizza & Shakes (209 W 57th St), are collaborating with Dough Doughnuts to create two deliciously creative sandwiches featuring handmade artisanal donuts. Both offerings will be available June 3-5.

Pizza and Shakes, Doughnut Sandwiches

Carnegie Diner & Café will offer the Omelette Sandwich, which will feature the restaurant's organic eggs, bacon, cheese, and onion sandwiched between a Plain Glazed donut or Cinnamon Sugar doughnut.

Pizza & Shakes will offer the decadent Gelato Sandwich, which features their delicious gelato sandwiched between a Plain Glazed Donut or Cinnamon Sugar Donut.

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