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Chalong to Celebrate Thai New Year This Weekend
April 11, 2024, 7:52.36 pm ET


Thai New Year or “Songkran” runs 4/13-4/15 at NYC Thai spot, Chalong (749 9th Ave, NYC) is offering special menus to mark the occasion.

The Songkran-themed menu features rarely-seen one hundred year-old recipes, including Keang Liang (aromatic soup with jumbo shrimp and root vegetables), and Kanom Ko (sweet rice cake from the South of Thailand stuffed with roasted coconut and coconut cream)

Chef Nate Limwong has a black book of spices she uses to develop each and every dish on the menu. She takes a yearly trip to Thailand to stay on top of the latest trends and new ingredients to bring back to the states.

Celebrated throughout Thailand April 13-15, Thai New Year is immensely important to Thai people, and is also known as National Family Day. Many people who leave home for work, school, etc. return home during this period to celebrate and spend time with their families. The day is also marked by street fairs and water fights symbolizing the purification, or the washing away of the prior year.