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Chef Salvo Lo Castro launches NYC Italian Espresso Bar at $2.50 a Cup
May 14, 2024, 12:45.56 am ET



There are deals. And then there are DEALS – Italian style. Chef Salvo Lo Castro, who’s cooked for Hollywood celebrities, popes, and politicians is turning his attention to the Upper West Side where he just opened CASASALVO, an Italian espresso bar and market located at 473 Amsterdam Avenue, offering a variety of coffee and espresso drinks, all priced at $2.50 per cup. Visitors will also find Italian specialties including cheeses, meats, extra virgin olive oils and sweets giving visitors a true taste of Italy.

"I am very excited to make gourmet coffee and specialty foods accessible to everyone in New York City where customers can experience the true essence of Italian flavors," said Lo Castro. "I look forward to sharing my passion for Mediterranean cuisine and culture with our customers."

CASASALVO’s espresso bar not only features the classics – espresso and cappuccino – but also new Italian flavors like pistachio, hazelnut, and truffles, all for $2.50. It is being made with an exclusive private-label blend of Dokito coffee, a leading espresso producer located near Rome. Customers can savor their beverages with freshly baked cornetti – Italian croissants – and enjoy the café ambiance at small bistro tables outside. Italian Coca-Cola and other soft drinks, along with bottled coffee, are available to grab and go.

Born in Catania, Italy, Chef Salvo Lo Castro has emerged as one of the most innovative and avant-garde chefs in the world of Italian cuisine. His culinary journey began in childhood, influenced by his grandparents who were involved in hazelnut production and ran a rotisserie. Lo Castro's passion for cooking led him to run away at age 12 to work at the Gatto Blu Restaurant in Linguaglossa, sparking his love for culinary arts.

Lo Castro's influence extends beyond the kitchen into television, where his charismatic presence and Sicilian accent have made him a beloved figure in culinary shows and reality competitions. His journey reflects not only his exceptional culinary talent but also his contribution to Italian cuisine on the international stage.

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