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Closing the Gender Gap One Meal at a Time at NYC’s Trust Bae
March 8, 2023, 11:04.37 am ET


Photos: Trust Bae

A new restaurant designed to empower female chefs is now open in Manhattan. Trust Bae launching its first location at 1204 Broadway. The opening coinciding with International Women’s Day on March 8th. The first menu features Japanese and Filipino-inspired dishes from Celebrity Chef Frances Tariga (Top Chef, Beat Bobby Flay, Chopped).

Trust Bae, founded by Simple Venue and Sushi by Bou CEO Erika London, will operate as an intimate counter-style tasting experience guided by its chefs, with each location serving as an incubator of each chef's unique culinary concept. To aid in that effort, London has enlisted television personality and entrepreneur, Rachael Ray who will support and mentor each of the aspiring chefs.

"I am looking forward to guiding some of the next generation’s female cooks and chef powerhouses through their culinary journeys," said Ray. "I believe in the power of building personal brands and leveraging them through the formation of new business models and I am excited to help scout and empower these up and coming talents."


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Chef Tariga's 16-course tasting menu tells the story of her culinary experience from her youth in the Philippines to her training in Middle Eastern and Asian cuisine at some of New York's most famous kitchens, including The Standard, Catch and Planta.

Menu highlights include favorites like Binalot, Alaskan King crab and coconut sticky rice wrapped and steamed in a banana leaf before being covered in a Paksiw foam and topped with crispy shallots; Lumpia, slow-cooked oxtail served with a truffle cream in a crispy spring roll shell; and Sawara Tinapa (Spanish mackerel) skin torched then smoked, and garnished with house-pickled Gari and kizami.

The 16-course tasting menu including dessert is served at an intimate 8-seat counter for 90 minutes for $150 per person. Many of the dishes are presented in unique vessels designed by Chef Tariga to complement each dish.

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