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Cocktail Time: Don’t Walk, Rum
August 11, 2022, 7:21.19 pm ET


Photo: KK Chote/Gugu Room

Summer and rum drinks go together like peanut butter and jelly. Whether the iconic daiquiri, refreshing mojito or resurgent tiki drinks, rum’s versatility makes it a great summer spirit. With National Rum Day coming up on August 16th, here are some rum cocktails to enjoy right now:

El Fili Daiquiri at Gugu Room

The El Fili Daiquiri, a signature cocktail at Gugu Room, combines Filipino Tanduay Gold Rum, yuzu kosho (chilies fermented with salt and yuzu citrus), mango nectar and togarashi rim. Recently opened, Gugu Room is New York’s first Filipino-Japanese izakaya, deftly combining Filipino and Japanese flavors both in cocktails and food. Beverage Director/Partner Lee Watson’s bar program focuses on cocktails that highlight Japanese and Filipino spirits, including 9 different Filipino rums (sugarcane is one of the country’s main crops). 143 Orchard St., NYC. Reservations via Resy.

Photo: KK Chote/TLK

Pandan Tiki at TLK

Perfect for hot days, TLK’s refreshing Pandan Tiki combines certified-organic single estate Copalli rum (made with only sugar cane juice, yeast, and rainwater) infused with sencha green tea, coconut pandan, pineapple and lime. A destination for gluten free Asian cooking for vegans and omnivores alike, TLK keeps its gluten free commitment with cocktails using only gluten-free spirits along with coconut water, green tea, and infusions like the fragrant pandan leaf. 58 Third Avenue, NYC. Reservations via Resy.

Photo: Halifax

Old Cubano at Halifax

Inspired by Audrey Sanders’ Old Cuban cocktail, itself a take on the Mojito, Old Cubano at Halifax is made with Bacardi Limon, lemon, mint, simple syrup, and sparkling wine. Light and refreshing for summer, it borrows sparkling wine and angostura from the Old Cuban but keeps the rum on the light side like the original Mojito. 225 River Street at the W Hotel, Hoboken, NJ. Reservations via Resy.

Photo: Michael Tulipan

Imperial Ruby Punch at Monarch Restaurant

The Imperial Ruby Punch at Monarch Restaurant in Williamsburg combines two types of rum - dark and rum agricole, which is made from freshly pressed sugarcane rather than molasses – with pineapple, coconut, lime, absinthe and hibiscus that gives the drink its pink hue. A hidden gem, Monarch Restaurant offers creative cocktails that pair with its modern Asian cuisine and are best enjoyed on their upstairs outdoor deck. 146 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyn