Cocktail Time - The Tequila Sunrise at Tacos Guey

June 19, 2021, 10:28.49 am ET  


When’s the last time you had a Tequila Sunrise? At Tacos Guey in Chelsea, the drink has been transformed into a powerful potion while keeping the rainbow of colors intact. It’s made with tequila, xtabentum, peaflower, orange and strawberry-hibiscus shrimp. Much of the alcohol floats on top. Drink a few of these and you might find yourself waking up at sunrise.

Other offerings include That Guey with congelado, tequila, curaçao, limon, tajin-guey; Paloma with mezcal or tequila with grapefruit, Limon and club soda; and the Michelada with mezcal, red pepper, habanero, tamarind, ginger, limon and cerveza (beer). Match them up with an assortment of flavorful tacos and other bar bites.

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