Cocktail Time: Yellow Brick Road at Daintree

January 21, 2022, 7:57.45 pm ET  

Photo: Daintree                                                                                                   

Everyone loves a good cocktail and Cocktail Time highlights some of the New York City's best from talented bartenders. The Yellow Brick Road is one of them. The drink is served at Daintree (25 W 38th St; 29th Fl) at Hotel Hendricks in Midtown Manhattan.  Bartender Luke Maseko uses Isolation Proof barrel gin, Apalogue saffron liqueur, lemon, peach chutney syrup, and egg white.

"This cocktail is a riff on a traditional gin sour with South African influences, which is a nod to our Head Bartender’s upbringing in Pretoria. The barrel gin gives the drink a sturdy base to layer more aromatic notes of saffron, savory spices, lemon, and peach. Rooibos tea gives the cocktail a more complex tannic structure than your classic gin sour," said Daintree Beverage Director Tristan Brunel. 

Yellow Brick Road

2 oz Isolation Proof barrel gin infused with rooibos tea
½ oz Apologue Saffron liqueur
¾ oz Lemon juice
½ oz Peach Chutney syrup
1 oz Egg white

METHOD: Combine all ingredients then shake/double strain
GLASS: Sour Glass



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