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Cuomo to let NYC Restaurants open at 35 percent capacity
February 20, 2021, 8:35.18 am ET


Photo: The Ainslie in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Governor Andrew Cuomo announces plans to allow New York City restaurants to reopen at 35 percent of capacity starting next Friday. Here's what the Governor said:

"Reopening New York City, restaurants are now 25 percent. They are 50 percent statewide. They're 50 percent in Connecticut. They're 50 percent on Long Island. New York City was closed. New York City is now 25 percent. In one week we will go to 35 percent in New York City restaurants which is consistent with New Jersey. What's happening now is people in New York City, Staten Island, Manhattan, are going to New Jersey to those restaurants. So it's not really accomplishing a purpose. So New York City restaurants will go to 35 percent next Friday. That will be consistent with New Jersey. Connecticut is still 50, Long Island is still 50, we understand that, but we're responding to the data. Obviously we're more sensitive to New York City because of the density, the concentration, the history. But we're headed in the right direction. We're making progress. The numbers continue to be good, we'll continue to make progress."