Dagon Unveils Updated Brunch Menu

December 11, 2022, 12:06.54 am ET  

Photo: Dagon                                                                                                   

Mediterranean favorite Dagon (2454 Broadway) has unveiled an updated brunch menu, with a choice of amazing a la carte items as well as bottomless mimosas for $24.

Chef Ari Bokovza’s outstanding egg dishes include Jachnun, made with yemenite jewish pastry, tomato, schug, and egg; Poached Egg Khachapuri with a house-made freshly baked crust and perfectly runny egg served with truffled mushroom ragout, topped with preserved lemon Hollandaise; Green Shakshuka served with an aromatic herb stew; a variety of Eggs Benedict, and the classic Israeli Breakfast, which includes two eggs any style alongside whipped eggplant, labneh, tahina and flatbread

Other tempting items include Dagon Schnitzel, served with tahina, Israeli salad, mashed potatoes; Challah French Toast, served strawberry, sweet labneh cream and cheese, maple syrup; and Chamin, a healthy meat stew wth beans, chickpeas, potato and egg.

For more information, visit dagonnyc.com


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