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Date night at your home courtesy of Amali
January 15, 2021, 6:42.57 pm ET

Photo: Amali


Amali is bringing date night back with a seasonal Chef’s tasting experience for two. It starts with a conversation with Executive Chef Alex Tubero about what you’re most excited to taste - then he’ll create a customized menu based on your preferences and what’s in season that week. You can also speak with one of the restaurant's sommeliers to find two bottles of wine that best suit your tastes. The kitchen and wine cellar allows for access to rare wines and restaurant-level ingredients from family-run butchers, small production farmers and dayboat fisheries not typically available to the public.

Dinner starts at $150 per person and includes three courses, sommelier selected wines and your printed menu.

Additional packages may include additional courses, wine pairings for each course, and a customized table setting including placemats, linen napkins, votive candles, flowers and more. Inquire for pricing.


The series kicks off on Thursday, February 4th and will continue each week. Cost for tickets is $495 (for one household/connected device which can accommodate up to 4 persons. Additional materials are available for additional $200.


Work alongside Chef Dominic Rice to prepare dinner for two while learning Chef tricks and the cornerstones of the culinary arts. Topics covered will include how to pick the best ingredients from the grocery store, how to filet a whole fish, how to prepare meat for cooking, how to use a specialty tool, and blueprints for classic stocks, sauces and dressings. You’ll work with a mix of familiar and unique ingredients and will have access to restaurant-quality meats, cheeses and other provisions. Learn about cooking techniques, procurement strategies and Chef tricks to spice up cooking at home.

Materials include: all ingredients to cook Chef Dominic’s menu, a specialty kitchen tool, and a bottle of wine to pair with dinner.


Sommeliers Kylie Monagan and Kristin Feraldo give a wine primer on everything you need to know to decode a wine list - and how to best pair wine with what you’ll be eating. You’ll learn the basics of classic wine regions, how to open and when to decant a wine, the proper temperature and serving glasses for different types of wines, how to pair wine with food, the best vintages in classic wine regions, and how to articulate the type of wines styles that you like in a restaurant setting. They’ll cover classic wine regions and give insight on the “trendy” wine styles and up-and-coming producers. If you’re fascinated by blind tasting, Kylie and Kristin will break the technique down to the basics so that you can practice at home.

Materials include: six bottles of wine and light mezze pairings.


Mixologist Tanya Saxena takes you through the blueprint for a perfectly balanced cocktail from classic and spirituous to seasonal and refreshing. She’ll discuss her favorite classic cocktails and then show how one spirit can transform into three different cocktails using basic ingredients. Topics covered will include how to make a syrup, how to make an infusion, how to riff on classic cocktails, how to make a hot cocktail, how to make cocktails for a group, and the “rules” of mixology (how to know when serve a cocktail stirred or shaken; up or on the rocks). She’ll conclude with a discussion of apertivo and digestivo spirits, including Amaro, vermouth and after dinner drinks from different parts of the world.

Materials include: ingredients to make three cocktails, tastes of three digestivo spirits, and ingredients to make an infusion to enjoy later.


Stand up comedian and Sommelier James Mallios teaches how to get bang for your buck when picking from a wine list. James has taught this class at the New York Times and Fortune 500 companies as a team building exercise. You’ll learn how to find the hidden deals and gems in a wine list, insider insight about how restaurants select and mark up wine, how to “crack” a menu when ordering for the table and what to avoid doing at your next date, business, or social dinner. James will also discuss how to structure a restaurant meal like a pro — start with a Aperitif to whet the appetite, then order according to the classic meal structure, pick wine to pair with your selected dishes, and finish off with an after dinner drink to settle the stomach and elegantly end the meal.

Materials include: three bottles of wine plus charcuterie and cheese pairings.

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