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Dim Sum Sam Opens in Flatiron
February 16, 2022, 12:13.14 am ET


Dim Sum Sam, NYC, Shrimp Dumplings

If you need a dim sum fix but are nowhere near Chinatown, Dim Sum Sam in Flatiron is the answer. The restaurant is offering a lengthy list of dumplings and buns that you can mix and match, along with hand carved meats such as roast pork, duck and pig.

Dim Sum Sam, NYC, Pork Rice Roll
Roast Pork Rice Noodle Rolls

The dim sum, in most cases, is made fresh to order in bamboo steamers including BBQ pork buns, shrimp dumplings (one of our favorites, above), roast duck dumplings and roast pork rice noodle rolls. The rolls are also available in ham, minced chicken, corn, dried shrimp and seafood.

Dim Sum Sam, NYC, BBQ Pork Steamed Buns
Steamed BBQ Pork Buns

Diners can also choose from an assortment of noodle soups, including BBQ roast pork, soy sauce chicken and shrimp & pork wonton soup. There are also fried options like crispy shrimp rolls, scallion pancakes and pan-fried dumplings.

Dim Sum Sam, NYC, Roast Duck Dumplings
Roast Duck Dumplings

Dim Sum Sam opens at 8am if you are looking for a dim sum breakfast or nice warm bowl of congee. Sweet options include Portuguese egg tarts and chocolate buns.

Dim Sum Sam is located at 28 E 23rd St.