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Dining Out at KTown's miss KOREA
September 2, 2023, 10:15.52 am ET



If you haven’t been to Koreatown lately, let’s just say this area of the city is booming, especially on a Friday night. We found ourselves in miss KOREA BBQ. Slightly faded from its glory days but with perfectly-seasoned grills, miss KOREA operates like a well-oiled machine, changing out tables quickly to maximize the money coming in. It’s also the place to get that late night bulgogi fix.

We started with some thick cut pork belly cooked simply with a sliced onion. Our server, who looked like she could have been your mother, returned often to flip meat from side to side until it started to caramelized. Turns out she also had mean scissor skills – SNIP, SNIP, SNIP – and in moments we were eating some of the tastiest pork belly in the city.

This process was repeated with ribeye, boneless short rib and brisket all while enjoying traditional condiments like high-grade kimchi, spicy been sprouts, slices of fish cake among others spread across the table. We also sprang for a bowl of Junju Bibimbap, a traditional mix of vegetables, bulgogi beef, and egg yolk served atop a bed of rice. We also enjoyed complimentary egg souffle found at many Korea restaurants in all of its eggy goodness and a piping hot tofu stew.

Add in a few cold beers or some soju and you are set. Loud, boisterous and fun, miss KOREA should not be missed!

- Thomas Rafael