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Dinner at Bonnie's in Williamsburg
February 8, 2024, 6:37.19 pm ET



By Thomas Sayegh

Interested in an upscale yet lax modern Chinese restaurant? Then Bonnie’s might be the place for you.

Bonnie’s, which is located at 398 Manhattan Ave in Williamsburg, is a place that won’t disappoint you with its innovative plates. It is able to transform its authentic Chinese dishes with a touch of either American and Italian influence laid upon it. There’s one thing for sure, you’ll be savoring up some unique meals from this establishment.

The food is astounding. Complex dishes have a range of flavors that range from tanginess and spiciness. Bonnie’s elevates Chinese cuisine to a new level, making them a standout from others around the Williamsburg area. Highlights include the BKRib sandwich, which is their take on the famous McRib, only difference being that it has an Asian-styled spin with fresh ingredients. Another dish you shouldn’t overlook is the X.O Cheung Fun with its sensational flavors. Seared rolled rice noodles get a mixe of dried scallop-shrimp x.o. sauce, cured pork, bean sprouts + chives for some gorgeous flavors.

Innovative cocktails are not something you should sleep on either. One favorite is the Henny Kravitz, a sweet yet strong drink. The Black Tea Penicillin is like a rollercoaster of flavors. It’s also one of the stronger drinks. It starts mellow from the lemon and ginger, then you’ll taste that dark bitterness from the peated scotch, with its epic finale being a kick from spiced honey.

Bonnie’s gives off a nice and cozy vibe that other restaurants can’t easily capture. It feels calm yet energetic. The staff will also make you feel invited and won’t shed any time in making sure you get your dinner or drink.