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Dinner at Prime Catch in Times Square
December 13, 2020, 3:33.54 pm ET


Prime Catch, Times Square, NYC, Exterior

One spot that probably hasn't gotten enough notice is Prime Catch in Times Square. The restaurant opened in the midst of the pandemic, and while the area would be teeming with Brodway showgoers, it's been relying more on the tourist crowd to get by.

Prime Catch, Times Square, NYC, Baked Clams

Three things that are exceptional are the food, drinks and service. There is a lengthy martini menu which comes in handy about now, since we'll soon be back to outdoor dining. A classic dry martini with olives is the way to go, although fruitier versions are also offered. Daily drink specials are also available.

Prime Catch, Times Square, NYC, Slab Bacon

The food is fantastic. Starters including piping hot baked clams perfect with a drizzle of fresh lemon. And who doesn't like slab bacon dipped into some barbecue sauce? It'a perfect plate for sharing.

Prime Catch, Times Square, NYC, Steak

A steak can easily feed two people. We tried the Bone-In Ribeye, dry aged in their own aging room. It was tender and juicy, and arrived on a sizzling platter. Porter House, Bone-In Strip, Filet Mignon and a Veal Chop are also on the menu. Not looking to break the bank, go for the Prime Catch Burger with housemade pickles.

Prime Catch, Times Square, NYC, Burger

On the seafood side, there is whole lobster, steamed or broiled, along with other dishes like Lobster Vodka Pasta, Grilled Salmon and Shrimp Parmesan, among others.

Prime Catch, Times Square, NYC, Martini

Prime Catch is located at 140 West 46th Street, New York, NY (646) 649-2288

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