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Dumpling Lab Delivers on Flavor in East Village
November 2, 2021, 11:21.06 pm ET



Dumpling Lab, an Asian gastropub from the folks behind Hunan Slurp, is offering playful takes on dumplings this East Village spot, but its tastiest accomplishment might not be a dumpling at all.

Mackeral Dumplings

Traditional flavors with modern twists will grab your attention at Dumpling Lab. Steamed and fried dumplings come in flavors like Mackerel with pork, chive and dried shellfish, and beef with bell pepper that arrives with a cheese crisp on top giving it the feel of a cheesesteak. A zucchini and cucumber dumpling has egg and vermicelli added to the mix.

Beef Dumplings

Other offerings include king prawn salad, pulled chicken leg with a fiery peanut Mala sauce and sizzling steak with house hoisin sauce served with Chinese buns. But the real showstopper is the shrimp toast. The shrimp paste is sandwiched between two thick slices of crispy toast, drizzled with truffle sauce and sprinkled with micro greens. It is an amazing bite!

Shrimp Toast

Cocktails include Kochi Breeze made with shochu, yuzu, lemon, elderflower, shiso and miso, and Goma Colada with shochu, coconut and sesame oil washed, pineapple and clarified soy milk. It garnished with a dried pineapple slice.

The modern space, with full bar, is stark black and white with stainless steel tabletops and helpful servers dressed in black. All of the ordering and table service is done through an app.

Dumpling Lab is located at 214 E 9th St, New York, NY

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