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Eataly Downtown Pop-Up Takes Diners to Amalfi Coast
July 30, 2022, 9:19.37 am ET


Photo: Eataly Downtown

A pop-up bar at Eataly is transporting visitors to a sun-kissed garden on Italy’s Amalfi coast at La Pizza and La Pasta with botanical cocktails and a menu of special bites.

Look for things like Ferrarini Mortadella with Housemade Focaccia and Pistachios; Crispy Housemade Potato Gnocchi with Genuine Pecorino Romano Fulvi DOP and Black Pepper; Fried Carnaroli Riceballs Filled with Housemade Mozzarella and Spring Peas; and Calamari Fritti with Calabrian Chili.

Cocktails made with Malfy gin include Sole de Capri With Malfy Gin Limone, Pallini Limoncello and Fever Tree Lemon Tonic; and Positano Punch wither Malfy Gin Arancia, Amara Blood Orange Liqueur and Lurisia Aranciata.