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Enter the Secretive World of Adelaide’s Salon
April 12, 2023, 7:16.22 pm ET


Photos: Adelaide's Salon

Discover the world of Adelaide at this New York City hideaway where you enter through a door disguised as a soda machine. It’s located beneath LouLou, a popular French bistro in the heart of Chelsea.

Here you can experience firsthand the magic of the Prohibition-era speakeasy which also serves as a perfumery and apothecary, attracting the open-minded and the curious. Guests will find unique experiential cocktails & light bites curated with ingredients that focus on achieving one’s health and wellness.

Journey through Adelaide’s parlor where you learn about her life as a nomadic traveler around the world. Experience her discoveries from botanists and herbalists, who created powerful elixirs, tinctures and potions that cured her of her many ailments, both spiritual and physical.

Adelaide’s Salon transcends time, as you are invited into this unique multi-sensory adventure. While seats are highly coveted, guests are also invited to take a chance on admission at the door, should they decide take the risk.

The Vitals: There is a $50 minimum spend per person at all tables. There is also a strict dress code. All guests must wear cocktail attire, business casual, sports jackets, and shoes. No casual attire, including boots and beanies, are permitted. All reservations are also subject to the approval of the Perfumer and The High Priestess. There are two seatings for what is described as a “wickedly deliciious voyage through Adelaide’s deepest secrets,” starting at 6pm and 8:30pm respectively.

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