The Citiblog

July 12, 2021, 9:40.37 am ET


Photo: The Cheese Board

The French Cheese Board will unveil their newest exhibit, “Contexomy” on Wednesday, July 14 at their flagship store located 41 Spring Street. The exhibit will take French cheese out of its comfort zone and give it an entirely new look and feel by replacing the typical and expected ingredients in many popular dishes with cheese.

For example, among the dishes that viewers can see are “Steak Tartare,” which will be made with Cantal, a semi-hard cheese from the Auvergne region; “Fish Tacos,” which will be reinvented with sticks of Vieille Mimolette; “Chateau Blanc Sliders” will feature a hearty slice of Bleu d’Auvergne, a sharp, woody and spicy cow’s milk cheese. Sweet treats that are being transformed by the presence of cheese include Macarons and ice cream cones.

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