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Fany Gerson Celebrates the Day of the Dead
October 21, 2023, 11:32.55 am ET


Photos: Fany Gerson/La Newyorkina

Fany Gerson, the force behind Fan Fan Doughnuts and La Newyorkina, is marking Dia de Muertos, a very special holiday in Mexico celebrating the life of those who are no longer with us. Gerson is celebrating with several different kinds of breads prepared as part of the tradition that she says are not only delicious but very symbolic and truly special.

This year is bittersweet for Gerson whose father sadly passed away a little over a month ago. Gerson, in her newsletter writes, “This loss, as well as a lot of the painful things going on in the world right now, have me feeling quite lost in many ways & the idea of celebration is far from my mind. At the same time, this has always been a very special holiday and one of my favorites because of the important and special meaning and purpose, and one that I will continue to honor. I will celebrate him with much love and pride and will lovingly bake some very special breads for him and for the many loved ones in the hopes that it brings some comfort and joy and celebrate so many beautiful and important lives as my sweet, kind, generous, beautiful and wonderful father was.”

To market the occasion, Gerson says she will offer Pan de Muerto, a delicious bread baked during the weeks leading up to the festivities. They vary depending on the region. Gerson’s is a classic one, a buttery bread with a shape that is said to remember the bones and skull. It is flavored with orange blossom and orange zest.

Gerson is also offering a version she says is very popular in Mexico City covered with Totomoxtle, charred corn hash. Other special breads include one made Mexican chocolate filling and powdered sugar, and an anise seed-cinnamon-orange inspired bread from Oaxaca finished with sesame seeds.

All are available for pick up in Red Hook (61 Commerce St, Bklyn) and Chelsea at MIJO, Gerson’s new concept at Market 57, and available for shipping nationwide. (As an added bonus, for those who pick up at Gerson’s MIJO location will get 10 % off anything purchased that day making it a prefect chance to enjoy some tacos, grab a paleta or some churros and enjoy the beautiful view.)

Additional Info:

Día de los Muertos (“Day of the Dead”) will be taking place on November 1-2, 2023 at Market 57. Visitors can also experience a traditional Día de los Muertos alter created by Mixteca Organization, Inc, an organization aimed to empower the Mexican and Latin-American immigrants of the New York area.