The Citiblog

Fosun to Showcase Multimedia Artist Eva Petric
May 1, 2023, 7:16.04 pm ET


Photo: Fosun

Fosun will showcase the work of multimedia artist Eva Petrič as part of a thirteen-week artist residency at 28 Liberty, the iconic Lower Manhattan office tower. The installation will be projected on a 34-foot by 25-foot LED screen facing the landmarked Fosun Plaza and in the ground-level amphitheater.

Petrič’s video installation, titled “Recycling Shadows,” will be open to the public from May 3 to June 30. The piece was made to highlight the 150th anniversary of the Periodic Table of Elements; analog photography of Petrič’s own shadows visualize emotions, replacing elements from the table.

In addition, one image featured in the installation is of “Earthling Tattoo Seal,” which resided at the International Space Station at Low Earth Orbit’s Moon Gallery collection for approximately one year. The piece translates her shadow into the pattern of Idria lace, visualizing connection within and amongst people.
Petrič’s art has been exhibited globally in over 90 solo and 125 group exhibitions all over the world, receiving numerous recognitions and awards.

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