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Hit the Subway for NYC's Hot New Cocktail Bar
February 2, 2022, 11:18.45 pm ET


Nothing Really Matters Bar, Subway, NYC

Tucked away inside a subway stop in Midtown, where several businesses went under due to the pandemic, you will find a posh new underground lair. It is called Nothing Really Matters and bills itself as the “greatest cocktail bar in the universe.”

We don’t know if it is the “greatest,” but it is a pretty sexy hideaway with an elegant bar lining the length of the space with dimly lit tables for romantic encounters and just the right amount of neon to help lead the way. Cocktails come with names like Empire State and The Belmont.

Nothing Really Matters Bar, Subway, NYC

You find it inside the No. 1 train station on 50th Street near 7th Avenue in Manhattan.