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Hop Kee Keeps Tradition Alive in NYC's Chinatown
April 2, 2023, 3:17.44 pm ET



Entering Hop Kee in Chinatown is like entering another world. Opened in 1968, servers still wear button up uniforms as they direct diners to cozy wooden booths and oversized tables for large groups. It remains a vital part of New York City’s past and present.

Unlike some Chinatown restaurants that delve deep into Chinese food’s underbelly, Hop Kee is more tourist-minded with more Americanized Chinese flavors that are sinfully delicious. Here you will find everything from simple wonton soup (that doesn’t taste simple) to large bowls of fried rice in varying flavors for the entire table to enjoy.

There is Lo Min and Chow Fun in in various combinations along with Moo Shoo Pork or Shrimp served with pancakes. Duck is served several ways from roasted to fried and a specialty of the house with pineapple and lychee nuts in a sweet and sour sauce. Seafood brings Jumbo Shrimp in black bean sauce, Pan Fried Flounder and Crabs Cantonese style.

Anthony Bourdain once said, “Places like Hop Kee still feature the never-ending tea pot, the egg rolls, and certain other classics of that day,” and we are glad they do!