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I Sodi Makes Its Move in the West Village
July 17, 2023, 6:22.50 pm ET


Photo: I Sodi

Iconic West Village restaurant I Sodi’s latest move… is just down the street. Acclaimed chefs Rita Sodi and Jody Williams have served their final dinner at their beloved Christopher Street location, an anchor of the neighborhood for 15 years.

When a long-admired space became available, the duo took it as a sign. A bit more elbow room, a larger kitchen to roll their pasta and a charming garden inspired by the 17th-century Italian villa in the hills which Rita once called home, was too much to pass up.

Now residing at 314 Bleecker Street, I Sodi’s address may have changed, but the restaurant says its heart & soul will remain the same, eagerly awaiting friends, old and new, for the sacred ritual of enjoying a meal, with family.

House specialties include Pappardelle Al Limone, House-made pappardelle, lemon, pecorino sardo and black pepper; Lasagna Carciofi, House-made lasagna with artichoke sauce; and Cotoletta Milanese, Pan fried pork chop with lemon.