The Citiblog

Inside Wegman’s Astor Place
October 18, 2023, 11:18.49 pm ET



Welcome to Wegman’s is the greeting you will hear as you enter the new Wegman’s at Astor Place (770 Broadway) in Manhattan. The grand opening had fans lining up for Wegman’s branded foods that offer great value.

As you enter there is a lot to take in – baked goods, sushi, sandwiches, Asian foods, pizza and a mezze. Take the escalator downstairs and you with an enormous produce market with fresh cut flowers.

Go deeper and you find Sakanaya, an open-air seafood market with fresh fish imported from Japan. The 110-pound blue fin tuna we spotted caught in wild in Spain is a true showstopper. Here you will find rare Japanese varieties like Isaki, Houbou, Shimaji, Akamutsu, Maaji and more with prices ranging from just under $20 a pound to $70. Wild caught whole fish in the U.S. range from fresh porgy, black grouper, monkfish, blue fish, fluke and more starting at $7.99 a pound.

And if you are not into breaking down your whole fish, no worries, Wegman’s will do it for you. It appears the market also serves as a school where workers can learn are of breaking down whole fish from resident experts.

As we continued to roam through the market, we found everything from a butcher shop with fresh cuts to packaged meats, including honey-brined turkey. There is a charcuterie counter with aged prosciutto di parma and fresh porchetta.

There also sorts of packaged goods ranging from Wegman’s cereals to flash frozen just picked berries. Prepared foods ready to eat for dinner or you can hit the wing bar with everything from fried to barbecue versions along with house-made steak fries.

If opening day is any indication, you can expect the large crowds to in the days, months and years ahead.