Inside the Magnificent Moynihan Food Hall

October 15, 2022, 11:21.54 am ET  

Moynihan Station Food Hall NYC, Vesuvio Bakery

Now you can wait for a train in style at the Moynihan Food Hall, part of the new Penn Station. There are all sorts of goodies for workers and travelers in the area.

Moynihan Station Food Hall NYC, Vesuvio Bakery

At Vesuvio, an off-shoot of the famous bakery in SoHo, there are freshly baked breads, croissants and Italian pignoli cookies.

Moynihan Station Food Hall NYC, Chopt

At nearby Chopt there are salads and warm bowls made to order with things like Chicken Tinga as well as customer crafted wraps.

Moynihan Station Food Hall NYC, Burger Joint

Burger Joint has a location serving up hamburgers, cheeseburgers and Beyond burgers, as well as breakfast burgers, burritos and something called the BJ Bomb – freshly ground beef, egg, cheese and tots on a wrap.

Moynihan Station Food Hall NYC, Alidoro

Alidoro has a shop at Moynihan Station as well featuring their Italian style sandwiches. For breakfast there’s Ham Jam sandwich with prosciutto, blackberry jam and goat cheese butter.

Moynihan Station Food Hall NYC, Maman

Maman, which has been expanding rapidly in the city, also has a counter with assorted coffee drinks and bakery items, including chocolate and almond croissants, loaf cakes, cookies and seasonal quiches.

Moynihan Station Food Hall NYC, Naya

At Naya, diners will discover make-your-own Middle Eastern bowls and salads with choice of protein and toppings along with shawarma, falafel and cauliflower sandwiches.

Moynihan Station Food Hall NYC, Sauce Pizzeria

We found people lining up at Sauce Pizzeria known for its thin crust pies and homemade sauces.  Options include a pesto artichoke pie, white pie and Upside Down pie.

Moynihan Station Food Hall NYC, Jacob's Pickles

Jacob’s Pickles also has a stand with Southern classics like chicken biscuit sandwiches, a chicken Caesar with Nashville hot sauce, and fried pickles. For breakfast, donut sandwiches are also available.

 Moynihan Station Food Hall NYC, E.A.K. Ramen

E.A.K. Ramen by Machida Shoten is a Japanese chain known for its signature E.A.K  Shoyu  ramen with Yokohama style pork and chicken broth, shoyu tare and thick noodles topped with spinach, chashu and nori.

Moynihan Station Food Hall NYC, Bar

Visitors will also find a full bar where you can drink away any train delays!

Moynihan Station Food Hall NYC, Magnolia's Bakery

Outside the food hall, you will also find Blue Bottle Coffee, Magnolia Bakery and Amtrak Metropolitan Lounge among others inside Moynihan Train Hall.


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