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It’s the End of the Line for The Market Line on the LES
February 12, 2024, 9:03.22 pm ET



The Market Line, the subterranean food hall at Essex Crossing on the Lower East Side, will officially close its doors on April 1, according to the New York Post and Eater.

The Market Line first opened its doors in November of 2019 to large crowds. Marquee brands like Schaller & Weber, Nom Wah, Slice Joint, and Veselka served as anchors for the food hall, along with Essex Pearl and The Grand Delancey. A grand staircase leading to the action.

The Market Line was forced to close due to the pandemic and relaunched in July of 2021. But since then, the food hall has seen a turnover of vendors.

No word yet on the future of the Essex Street Market which operates on the ground floor. It made a move to the new complex in 2018 after serving as a city-run market since the 1940s. The first-floor space also hosts the popular Indian restaurant, Dhamaka.

Stay tuned.