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JOURNEY, a new immersive dining experience, comes to NYC
January 5, 2023, 10:58.33 am ET



JOURNEY, a unique New York City dining entertainment experience, is blending immersive video installations with fine dining, fashion, and theatre.

Journey’s Executive Producer Marc Routh calls it one of the “most amazing collaborations” with Executive Chef Edward Hong’s delicious culinary inventions taking center stage.

JOURNEY incorporates four unique experiences under one roof: JOURNEY 360, where the 360-degree projections transport you from the communal table to five exotic locations for each of the courses of the prix fixe meal; JOURNEY Odyssey, where live and filmed performance brings the diners’ tabletops to life with comic adventures led by an award-winning Broadway cast; JOURNEY Salon, where entertaining mystery and curiosities await as you enjoy a mix of live and filmed entertainment; and JOURNEY AR Café, where augmented reality brings the dinner plates to life.

The menu includes dishes such as New York City - Tomato with Smoked Crème Fraiche, Crispy Shallots, Red Onion Jam, and Basil; Rain Forest - Amazonia Greens with Yuca, Tacacho, Hearts of Palm, and Cupaucu Vinaigrette; Volcano - King Oyster Mushroom with Forbidden Rice Risotto, Harissa, Mascarpone; and Out of Space - Raspberry Mousse with Chocolate Ice Cream, Almond Textures, and Cardamom Foam. Cocktails come with names like Apocalypto (Mezcal Joven, D’Aristi Xtabentum Honey Liquor, egg whites, lime juice and cinnamon), and Tsukimi (Sweet Potato Shochu, Sweet Potato Puree, Maple-Cinnamon Syrup, Chocolate Bitters and garnished with a Sweet Potato Chip)

Each journey costs $175 per person and runs from 6-8 pm. Here is the schedule of events.

JOURNEY 360: Currently open 20 PPL: A ticketed event that begins on a Zeppelin tethered to the Empire State Building circa 2022. Guests will sit at a communal table with floor-to-ceiling and tabletop 360 projection mapping. Travel to dramatic settings for each course, from a fantastic waterfall in the Rain Forest to the side of a volcano to an underwater shipwreck. The magnificent five-course prix fixe meal will end with a futuristic, otherworldly dessert set in an out-of-this-world location. Every setting has been designed to complement the cuisine while bringing the astonishing world to your table.

JOURNEY Salon Currently open A non-ticketed environment featuring a unique bar with tapas offerings. Featuring a room showcasing paintings and objects that come to life with 3-D animation, a hostess bedecked in stunning FashionTech couture, and flights of cocktails with integrated video directly on your bartop, the Lounge is the perfect place to hang out casually with friends before and after the sit-down dinner or as a destination all its own.

JOURNEY Epic Café opening within the next week: Indulge your senses from morning to evening at Journey. First of its kind, combining café, bar, and immersive fine dining with a touch of theater, all in the heart of New York City. Open for breakfast, lunch, and casual dining, where augmented reality reveals the hidden three-dimensional designs on the custom dishware and features street-side dining during the warmer months.

JOURNEY Odyssey Opening 1/26 50 PPL: Guests to this ticketed event will be able to participate in this multisensory culinary Journey in smaller groups – at tables accommodating 2 to 4 people. Broadway’s most talented performers bring to life a series of comic vignettes to introduce each of the five courses. Have your appetizer in Tokyo, your first course in Venice, and your entrée in Buenos Aires with equal measures of inventive cuisine and diverting humor.

JOURNEY is located at 27 West 24th Street, New York, NY. Tickets for the shows Journey 360 and Journey Odyssey are available at Tock, or at; Reservations for the Café or the Salon can be made through OpenTable.