July 28, 2021, 5:43.35 pm ET  

Photos: Garret Cocteleria                                                                             

Jungle Summer, a new installation at The Garret Cocteleria (349 Broome Streeet), will open on July 29. Visitors will be transported to a lush oasis channeling the rainforests of Central and South America with a new, floor-to-ceiling tropical plant installation designed in partnership with Nick Amoruso of GREENCITYdesign, and featuring plants and flowers sourced locally from NYC’s flower district and garden centers in New Jersey. The covered, open air structure is outfitted with woven bamboo furniture, rattan lighting, and foliage throughout.

Guests will enjoy strong cocktails styled with palm leaves, floral garnishes and served in ceramic coconuts created by Beverage Director Max Stampa-Brown.

Highlights include Papaya in the Bullpen (dragon fruit, papaya, honey, salt, chartreuse, demerara rum, white rum, lime), Coconut Knuckleball (toasted coconut, black pepper vodka, apricot, yellow watermelon), The Colombian Getdown (aguardiente, passion fruit two ways, dark rum, ginger, bitters) and Tamarind Tambourine (saffron, pineapple, tamarind, mezcal, gin, guava)

Bites from Chef Yuval Ochoa include Shrimp Ceviche, House Nachos, Dragon Fruit & Mango Ceviche, Spicy Tuna Tartare and Caesar Salad.

For reservations, visit www.resy.com

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