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K-Town’s Seoul Salon is as Complex as the Food and Drink it Serves
April 3, 2023, 8:45.10 pm ET


Created in partnership with HAND Hospitality and NA:EUN Hospitality, SEOUL SALON is inspired by the salons of Europe known for their exploration of arts and culture through the gathering of diverse minds. Seoul Salon also reimagines Korean “Sool Jib” culture, a drinking establishment where foods are designed to complement the beverage.

Chef Byeongsoo Yu

Hoon Kim, General Manager

Enter Chef Byeongsoo Yu, a rising star in the restaurant world, whose recent food forays include Atomix, Naro and now Seoul Salon. Yu has a good understanding of food. His humble beginnings start with a food truck, a solo venture, Yu says taught him the importance of culture, service and business. Born and raised in Seoul, he discovered that passion in Korean cuisine. Joining him in the venture is Hoon Kim, also born in Korea, who serves as General Manager.

Food at Seoul Salon is described as “hyper-global” cuisine that is “open-minded, and inspired by all.” That includes everything things like Crispy Anchovy Pasta, and Korean Beef Tartare with enoki and pear. There is Mala Pork Belly served on a potato bun and Braised Beef Heel Shank with Napa cabbage and garlic. Dishes known as Twigim, a Korean-style tempura, are also served in combinations such as shrimp, cheese and corn alongside Jeon, pancakes, filled with things like wagyu and sweet potato.

The bar menu is just as adventurous with cocktails such as Goodbye Sadness described as nutty, sweet, sour and complex. It is made with peanut butter cachaça, Frangelico, passion fruits, lime, and angostura bitters. Also among the signature drinks is the Newtro Negroni – sweet, bitter, nutty and spirit Forwarded – with Hwayo 41, Mir 40, Solomon’s Seal Root, toasted buckwheat, Campari and sweet vermouth.

Seoul Salon’s ambiance is equally as complex from its stainless steel front to a sliver of a sign above the doorway. Concrete walls and a narrow corridor and neon offer a glimpse into the nightlife of Seoul. Designed by Two Point Zero, a boutique firm specializing in adaptive reuse strategies, the space celebrates “Wabi Sabi,” the beauty of imperfection, making Seoul Salon a one-of-a-kind sensation.