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Kerber’s Farm Opens Bleecker Street Shop
May 1, 2023, 11:19.52 am ET


Photos: Kerber's Farm

Long island-based Kerber’s Farm brand is expanding with its second retail store. Kerber’s Farm Bleecker Street (284 Bleecker Street). In line with the company’s mission of preservation and restoration, the new 1400-square-foot shop features reclaimed wooden beams, a 1930’s cast-iron porcelain farm sink, salvaged tiles, vintage white Carrera marble tabletops and traditional wainscotting.

The new location features the farm’s signature homemade items from farm-fresh recipes found its namesake Rizzoli cookbook such as delicious homemade baked goods including pies, scones, muffins, buttermilk biscuit egg sandwiches, freshly brewed coffee, lunch sandwiches, savory pie pockets, mac & cheese pies, as well as garden vegetables and eggs from the Long Island farm. The store will also offer its handmade candles, honey, homemade jams and gift crates.

“It has been a dream of mine to bring the charm and nostalgia of Kerber’s Farm and our signature homemade pies and favorite dishes to New York City,” said Kerber’s Farm owner, author Nick Vouglaris III. “Plus, it’s great that I can now walk to work as I live a few blocks away. This neighborhood is my home, and I am delighted to bring my business here too.”

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