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Kissaki to Host Omakase Pop-up
November 24, 2023, 3:00.40 pm ET


Photo: Kissaki

Kissaki (319 Bowery) will host an exclusive omakase pop up experience from Saturday, November 25th, till Tuesday, December 5th, from Japan’s very own Chef Taro Kiso, highlighting his internationally famous dishes like Ikura Onigiri and Sea bream, Squid, Uni, Yellowtail, Toro, Tiger Prawn Nigiri and more.

You can find out more information about the multi-course experience and Chef Taro Kiso, seen in this viral reel from @naohikoh.

Embark on a culinary journey at Kissaki (319 Bowery) during a special Omakase pop up experience from Chef Taro Kiso from November 25th, till December 5th. Drawing on his expansive culinary background in Japan, Chef Taro Kiso’s menu, priced at $180 per person boasts dishes like Shabu-Shabu with Golden Sea Bream and winter vegetables, Tuna onions and blue cheese with caviar, a Wagyu beef and truffle salad, Grilled Nodoguro and specialty uni bowls along with a selection of Nigiri, a special Ikura Onigiri and a delightful Peach Cobbler for dessert. Dinner service will be offered from Chef Taro Kiso at 6pm and 8:15pm. For reservations and more information, visit