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Kochi Unveils Its New Fall Menu
November 13, 2023, 11:24.22 pm ET


Photo: Kochi

Modern Korean continues to lead the way in New York City. At Michelin-starred Kochi, Chef Sungchul Shim is updating his signature tasting menu to focus on fall flavors.

The tasting menu ($145 pp) includes: Tomato Soup with kimchi soffrito, grilled cheese, sous-vide egg yolk, and caviar; Hwe with Caledonian prawn tartare, persimmon pepper paste, wild sweet rice, and mustard green salad; Eggplant Twigim with rice cake, pine nut hummus, turnip and fermented chili; Halibut with butter-poached halibut, bokbunja (Korean black rasperry wine) vinaigrette, beets; Pork featuring a 28-day dry aged pork collar with pistachio ssamjang, perilla kimchi and savoy cabbage; Duck OR A5 wagyu with barley risotto, black garlic truffle jus, nokdu (mung bean) pancake; and Snow Crab Bibimbap, a very modern, elevated take on Korean bibimbap with soy marinated snow crab, seasonal sprouts, candied anchovy, charred avocado, and seaweed rice (Sea Urchin supplement is also available).

For dessert there is Froyo featuring daechu (jujube) frozen yogurt, dehydrated Korean dates, and fig compote; and Ice Cream inspired by an old-school Korean chestnut ice cream favorite known as “Babam Bar” with honey crisp compote and chestnut cream.

An optional sool (alcohol) pairing, featuring wine, beer and Korean soju, is available for an additional $105.