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Lady Wong’s Brings Sweet Treats to Midtown
January 29, 2023, 4:12.26 pm ET


Lady Wong’s Brings Sweet Treats to Midtown

When Urban Hawker opened in Midown it not only brought savory street foods from Singapore, it also included some hard-to-find traditional sweet treats. The stand at Lady Wong features many of these tasty items from traditional custard cakes in flavors like Talam Pandan with coconut caramel to Malay Rose Cake made with steamed rose milk.

Lady Wong, NYC, Rose Cake

There are beautiful tarts ranging from Pandan Macha to Black Sesame Passion Fruit.

Lady Wong, NYC, Pandan Matcha

Cakes can be purchased by the slice or whole, like Valrhona Hazelnut Royaltine Cake with creamy bittersweet chocolate mousse and caramelised hazelnut praline crunch; and the Calamansi & Passion Fruit Cake with coconut mousseline cream, layered with tangy calamansi & passionfruit curd and lemon citrus sponge cake.

Lady Wong, NYC, Calamansi & Passion Fruit Cake

For more information, and for ordering some of these delicious treats online, visit