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Little Banchan Shop Opening Manhattan Outpost at Market 57
May 16, 2024, 6:56.24 pm ET


Photo: Little Banchan Shop

Little Banchan Shop, a Korean specialty store with an emphasis on high-quality, organic banchan offerings, is opening its first Manhattan outpost at Pier 57’s food hall, Market 57.

It is the latest move from owner Hooni Kim, a pioneer in New York City’s traditional Korean dining scene, to expand beyond Long Island City. The new location features a unique build-your-own Bibimbap Bar, allowing guests to customize their Korean rice bowls with a variety of fresh ingredients.

Photo: Chef Hooni Kim

“We’re excited to expand on our Queens location and bring the delicious taste of Korean dining with our high-quality and nutritious ingredients to Manhattan," said Kim. "Market 57’s diverse roster of global cuisines is a natural fit for this new venture.”

Bibimbap – a Korean dish comprised of rice, assorted vegetables, egg, and gochujang sauce – has gained popularity worldwide for its harmonious blend of flavors and textures. The Bibimbap Bar at Little Banchan Shop in Market 57 will offer an array of fresh and high-quality ingredients to create a well-balanced meal, including marinated beef, sautéed vegetables, and traditional Korean sauces.

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