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LittleMad Unveils New Prix Fixe Menu
August 3, 2022, 6:25.37 pm ET


Little Mad Unveils New Prix Fixe Menu
Photo: Little Mad

Chef Sol Han is raising the culinary bar with a visionary new prix-fixe menu at his Michelin-recognized eatery LittleMad (110 Madison Avenue). The $75 per person, five-course meal is indicative of his bold, very personal style that's a result of his Korean upbringing and his experience working in such top-tier restaurants as Ai Fiori and Le CouCou.

The opulent menu begins with Chef Snacks for the Table, a combination of four items–some hot and some cold–that Chef Han changes frequently to prepare diners for the flavors and seasonings to come. These are followed by Little Cold, which includes raw Yellowtail sandwiched between Asian Pear wafers in a pool of Sesame Dressing and Scallion Oil and Beef Tartare; and Little Hot, which features tempura soft shell crab.

The meal progresses to Chef’s “Hansang'' a tray full of food, incorporating Chef Han’s signature dishes where each diner gets to choose from four options each with its own accompaniments, Options include a Berkshire BBQ Pork Chop is served with White Kimchee and Corn Puree, and Lobster in which the tamalley is saved and made into a fried rice, the tail is roasted with a pine nut and garlic butter, the claw and knuckle are used to make a white kimchi, and the shell is used to make lobster miso soup.

For a calming finish to the culinary fireworks there’s the Earl Gray Shaved Ice or the Mad Sundae.

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