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Love is in the Air in Times Square
February 7, 2023, 5:52.27 pm ET


Photo: Jonathan Hokklo

Love is filling the streets of Times Square just in time for Valentine’s Day. The winner of this year’s 15th Annual Love and Design Competition is Love’s h|Edge by Almost Studio. The playful configuration of four heart-shaped hedge rows, creates hidden pathways with rose-filled trellises, and heart-shaped interior spaces endearingly termed “Pitter-Patios.''

Each day at 1pm, Times Square Arts and Almost Studio will stage a free dedication of freshly cut roses, and visitors will be invited to “Fill Up the Heart” by adding their flowers to the trellises of the Pitter-Patios as a personal acknowledgement and public gesture of love.

But the love doesn’t end there. Valentine’s Day (Feb 14) will also be marked by weddings and proposals in Times Square.

- At 11:00 am the first couple will get hitched right in the heart of Times Square. She is a self-proclaimed “theatre geek” and a passionate lover of Broadway since she was 8 years old. She met her partner during COVID and they have spent many nights in Times Square seeing shows, going to restaurants, and even braving the cold and long hours to celebrate Times Square New Year’s Eve. Now, Times Square, the very backdrop to their favorite relationship memories, will be their wedding venue.

- At 12:00 pm a second couple will formalize their union. They met 21 years ago when he auditioned to be in her band. Since then they have been raising two children together in New York City and decided that Times Square was the perfect place to finally tie the knot.

- Beginning at 6:00 pm, a celebration of love and commitment will take place outside on the iconic Red Steps in Times Square. The ceremony is free and open to people of all ages, genders, religions, races, and backgrounds. Couples will also receive sweet gifts: Raaka’s new coconut milk minis and a voucher for Minted Weddings Stationery.

Photo: Maria Baranova

Also, for Valentine’s Day only, couples and passersby will be able to take their photo in front of a vintage New York City taxi overflowing with bountiful blooms thanks to Minted Weddings.

Photo: Maria Baranova

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