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MayRee Brings Flavors of Southern Thailand to East Village
September 22, 2022, 8:29.12 pm ET

MayRee, Thai, East Village, Food
Photos: Melanie Meilinger

MayRee restaurant and bar is now open in the East Village highlighting Southern Thai food cuisine from Chef/owner Orawan Sawangphol and cocktails from industry veteran Sek Saraboon (formerly of The Met Bar in Bangkok and The Dominick Hotel in SoHo).

MayRee, Thai, East Village, Owner Orawan Sawangphol
Chef/owner Orawan Sawangphol

Born and raised in Phang Nga, a small province in southern Thailand (about an hour from Phuket), Sawangphol started working in her family’s restaurant at age 13, learning about techniques and spices as well as recipes from her great grandmother, eventually becoming the restaurant’s chef. At MayRee, she is showcasing the dishes she grew up with.

MayRee, Thai, East Village, NYC, Whole Fish

MayRee, Thai, East Village, NYC, Banana Blossom Salad

Diners can explore the diverse menu featuring things like Southern Thai Kua Kling, a curry with pork, Thai chilies, kaffir lime leaf, jasmin rice and fried egg; Jor Rang, coconut shrimp soup with turmeric, lemongrass, shrimp paste and peppers; Roti Nam Keang, pan fried roti with Massaman curry (coconut milk, peanuts, potatoes, fried shallots); and Yum Hua Plee, a banana blossom salad with shrimp, ground pork, coconut milk, fish sauce and roasted chili paste.

MayRee, Thai, East Village, NYC, Shrimp Curry

MayRee, Thai, East Village, NYC, Duck Curry

Other options include Bacon Hor Nam, deep fried pickled pork wrapped with bacon with sweet chili sauce; Kaeng Phed Ped, a roast duck curry with pineapple, tomato, chili paste and coconut milk; and Pla Loui Suan deep fried whole fish with fresh herb salad, roasted peanuts, green mango, cilantro and chili peppers.

MayRee, Thai, East Village, NYC, Bartender

MayRee, Thai, East Village, NYC, Cocktail

Cocktails are named after a Thai folklore story about the Twelve Sisters - MayRee who had a cheerful disposition - is one of them. Drinks include Prysob with Mekhong rum, mango juice, passion fruit purée, honey, palm sugar syrup and lime; Morakot, lemongrass-infused vodka, sake, fresh galangal, coconut milk, kaffir lime; and Malee with butterfly pea infused tequila, Ancho Reyes Chile Liqueur, cilantro, ginger, lemongrass, agave and lime. Ya Dong shots, which are believed to be an aphrodisiac, are also offered.

MayRee, Thai, East Village, NYC, Interior

The intimate 30-seat dining room includes 8 seats at the bar with additional 14 seats outdoors.

MayRee is located at 58 E 1st St, New York, NY (929) 989-6213

For more information, visit


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