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Mochinut in Midtown Offers Two Treats in One
March 14, 2022, 7:21.29 pm ET



If you haven't been to Mochinut in Midtown (1001 6th Ave) near Bryant Park, you don't know what you are missing. The shop with locations in the U.S., South Korea and Thailand specialize in mochi donuts which originated in Hawaii. They are half American donut and half Japanese mochi with a light and crispy exterior and fluffy, almost chewy consistancy on the inside. The donuts, which are made with rice flour, resemble a ring of 8 doughballs, are beautiful to look at, and almost better to eat!

The mochi donuts come in assorted flavors ranging from strawberry and yuzu to black sesame, taro and ube. The shop also sells hot dogs, similar to corn dogs, coated with everything from potato and crispy ramen to hot cheetos. Drinks with boba come in assorted flavors like matcha, Thai tea and brown sugar.

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