Morganís Brooklyn Barbecue to Reopen

October 17, 2022, 7:53.25 pm ET  

Morgan’s Brooklyn Barbecue to Reopen Oct 25
Photos: Morgan's Brooklyn Barbecue                                                                   

[Update: We're told the October 25th opening has been pushed back.  Stay tuned]

Nearly two years after a fire shut it down, Morgan’s Brooklyn Barbecue (267 Flatbush Ave) in Prospect Heights is firing up the smokers once more.  The restaurant will be serving up its slow-smoked prime brisket, sausage, pork ribs and bacon. 

Morgan’s Brooklyn Barbecue, Brisket

From the “Elbow Room” comes specialty macaroni and cheese – Old School with Longhorn cheddar; Truffle Mac with white truffle, béchamel and jack; Smoked Bacon Mac with Hatfield bacon; and Cheeseburger Mac made with Morgan’s beef and dill pickles topped with American cheese and lettuce. Other offerings include cornbread with honey butter, smoked wings, candied bacon, Texas chili bowl and tacos.  There’s also a Brisket “Cheesesteak” with queso wiz and caramelized onions.

Morgan’s Brooklyn Barbecue, Candied Bacon

Morgan’s also boasts an extensive bourbon collection with more than 70 selections served in a lively smokehouse atmosphere.  The restaurant, which underwent a painstaking restoration, seats 45 with a central bar, open kitchen, wood finishing and metal accents. Outdoor seating is also available.

Morgan’s Brooklyn Barbecue, Interior

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