NY Gov Cuomo: Closing Indoor dining as of Monday

December 11, 2020, 12:05.57 pm ET  

NY Gov Cuomo: Closing Indoor dining as of Monday

New York Governor Cumomo announcing that as of Monday indoor dining will be prohibited in New York City as hospitalization rates continue to rise.  Outdoor dining and takeout continues.

The Governor also calling for relief for restaurants while shutting indoor dining down, "We're going to watch the indoor dining data. The numbers are down in the chart, but we're going to watch over this weekend and we'll make any adjustments next week if the data suggests federal government must provide relief to these bars and restaurants in this next package. I understand battling covid. I also understand you're wiping out businesses. We will do what we can in New York. We're going to extend the commercial eviction moratorium. So if a business can't pay the rent because of the situation, they won't be evicted. And gyms, salons, as you also see, they are not the problem that they were. We have restrictions. The restrictions made a difference."

For a map of NYC COVI-19 Zones click here

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