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NYC Bites - Papaya Salad at Wayla
September 1, 2021, 6:32.45 pm ET



Wayla is known for its Thai Street foods. At Time Out Market in DUMBO you can get a taste of some of these vibrant dishes. While the options are not as broad at Wayla’s East Village location, there is plenty to enjoy.

One such dish is the made-to-order Papaya Salad. Shredded green papaya, long beans, cherry tomatoes, peanuts, lime and chilis are pounded in a large mortar and pestle releasing all of the flavors. Heat levels range from mild to spicy. Most people get it topped with grilled jumbo shrimps. It’s a remarkable dish.

Other offerings include street-style chicken wings with plum sauce and toasted sesame seeds; Thai style pork ribs with a soy honey glaze and pickles; and lump crab fried rice.

Time Out Market is located at 55 Water Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (917) 810-4855

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