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NYC Bites: What NYC restaurants and bars are up to now
February 24, 2024, 9:57.35 am ET


Photo: Jupiter

Jupiter, at Rock Center, is introducing a Roman lunch. It includes things like Mozzarella de Bufalo with baby artichokes on a tapenade crostini and Gnocco with sage and speck. $45 for 3 courses.

Gugu Room has a new dish on the menu worth exploring — Bagnet Kare-Kare. It’s slow cooked pork belly with crispy crackling and a peanut kare-kare sauce.

Kinoko in Brooklyn is serving up karaage that is a step above. Crispy chicken with pickled apple, fennel and carrot slaw that is offered with a wasabi ranch.

Mr Capri has a new cocktail honoring the iconic Capri beach club, Faraglioni. The La Fontelina is a mix of cachaca Cana, fresh arugula, candied ginger, lime juice and organic brown sugar.

The Lambs Club is showing off a new dessert. It’s panna cotta with winter citrus, coconut and a layer of toasted oat sable.

Cadence is cooking up a sweet and savory Red Velvet Waffle with fried oyster mushrooms and pecan caramel coconut cake.

The Noortwyck will host a one day only collab with Chef Celia Lee of Oiji Mi on Sunday March 10 for brunch and a dessert tasting menu at the bar.

Happy Eating!