Native Noodles brings inventive Asian cuisine Uptown

April 7, 2021, 12:46.55 am ET  

Native Noodles, Washington Heights, NYC, Laksa

From a non-descript storefront on Amsterdam Avenue in Washington Heights comes Native Noodles whose Asian fare is anything but routine.

Native Noodles, Washington Heights, NYC, Dumplings

Look for snacks and noodle dishes like Pork & Shrimp Dumplings ordered boiled or fried. Shrimp Fritters coated in a homemade batter geat a dunk in some sweet chili sauce, and Chili Crab Buns come with a signature crab dip.

 Native Noodles, Washington Heights, NYC, Shrimp Fritters

Larger plates bring Laksa, a slow cooked shrimp-based curry (top), rice noodles, sprouts, cucumber and crispy onions along with choice of protein and/or a soft boiled egg.

Native Noodles, Washington Heights, NYC, Honey Pork
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Honey Roasted Pork is served over addictive garlic rice, while Wonton Dumplings, braised in soy sauce, arrive with bok choy and thin egg noodles. Vegetarians may want to give Satay Peanut a go. The thick egg noodles are mixed with a creamy peanut sauce and some veggies on the side. For dessert, try some Fluffy Pandan Waffles with coconut Jam.

Native Noodles is located at 2129 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY (646) 370-6290 Website


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